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An unforgettable excursion along the "Land of the Giants"

A Missouri River Fishing Outfitter in a World-Class Destination

Welcome to the Land of the Giants, a legendary stretch of river near Helena, Montana. With unparalleled expertise and a deep connection to this remarkable area, I will lead you through a world-class fishing experience under the Big Sky. Discover what makes this unique fishery so special with the professional and personalized service that Agee Outfitting is known for.

The Story of the "Land of the Giants"

In the early 2000s, the nickname “Land of the Giants” was born from a remarkable day of fishing. My friend and fellow outfitter, Josh Steinmetz, was out enjoying a fishing trip with his friend and client, Joe Tutino. As they reeled in one massive trout after another, Joe exclaimed that it felt like they were fishing in the land of giants. The name resonated with Josh, and he began using it to describe the tailwater below Hauser Dam, a stretch of the Missouri River known for its exceptionally large trout. The nickname captured the imagination and quickly stuck.

Around this time, the late Gary Fritz, a dedicated angler and guide, began taking a keen interest in the Missouri River below Hauser Dam. Introduced to the area’s fly-fishing potential by Josh Steinmetz, Gary was astounded by the quality of the fishing and the size of the trout. Recognizing an opportunity, Gary started bringing his clients to this relatively unknown section of the river. In those early days, the three-mile stretch below the dam experienced minimal fishing pressure, providing an almost untouched paradise for anglers.

Gary, who often met his clients in Craig, MT—the epicenter of all things fishing-related on the Missouri River—advised them to keep their successful fishing trips a secret. Craig was known for its tight-knit, gossip-rich community of guides and anglers, where news of prime fishing spots spread like wildfire. Despite Gary’s efforts to keep the “Land of the Giants” under wraps, word inevitably got out. Clients couldn’t help but brag about the giant trout they had caught, and other guides, ever watchful, soon discovered the incredible fishing to be had in this section of the river.

The Secret is Out

The nickname “Land of the Giants” quickly gained popularity and became widely recognized. Today, the area is officially known by that name, with 50 licensed outfitters and captains guiding fishing trips primarily for the hatchery-raised rainbow trout that thrive there. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks stock approximately 250,000 rainbow trout into the system annually, ensuring that the catch rates in this area remain impressive.

The “Land of the Giants” has produced some record-setting fish. It is home to the former state record brown trout and the current state record walleye. Besides trout and walleye, the waters teem with yellow perch, and northern pike are becoming increasingly common. I firmly believe that Holter Lake, which is part of this system, has the potential to produce a state record northern pike someday.

Fishing in the “Land of the Giants” is as popular as ever. The area continues to attract anglers from far and wide, drawn by the scenic cliffs, the promise of large, abundant trout, and the exceptional fishing experiences. While the days of endless rising fish from twenty years ago are a fond memory, the “Land of the Giants” still offers moments of greatness. Clients often leave completely satisfied, having experienced some of the best fishing of their lives.

The “Land of the Giants” is a testament to the enduring appeal of Montana’s wild places and the rich fishing heritage of the Missouri River. It stands as a symbol of the thrill and beauty of angling, where every cast has the potential to bring in a truly remarkable fish. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a newcomer to the sport, the “Land of the Giants” promises an unforgettable fishing adventure.

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